Week 20 at Plas y Brenin


3rd-9th Oct

Highlights: BMC Student Safety Seminar, road biking goodness

Summary: Chilled days off, some orienteering, climbing, and nice to be back on BMC Student Safety Seminar duties 😉

Plas y Brenin by night

Plas y Brenin by night


Unexpectedly I was granted the beginning of the week off owing to cars breaking down abroad (parents!). The plan had been to visit Nottingham for 2 days, alas, this became two rest days for sorting out the house; surround sound speakers were installed on the wall, UP (Pixar) was watched, room sorted etc. I also fixed a new cadence computer to my road bike; living life right on the edge 😉

Computer installed, the Glyder circuit was done in just 1hr 30m, not bad although I’m not brilliantly bike fit at present…


Today was another orienteering maintenance day, re-setting the courses, printing etc. Prep for SPA Thursday & Friday…


SPA take 2, still it would seem that maybe 3rd time lucky applies quite aptly here, as some disagreements were somewhat incapacitating. Ask me the rest in private…

Ok, so I lined the minibuses up...

Ok, so I lined the minibuses up...


Today most notably… “The World Conker Championships in Northamptonshire are cancelled for the first time in 46 years due to high winds.” [BBC].

Alas, a busy day finishing some orienteering work and meeting my students for the following day’s scrambling workshop. A bar shift saw the evening through.


After some shuttling of buses to Ogwen Cottage, the scrambling groups made tracks. The forecast was for strong gusts and these didn’t disappoint, forcing us to hide on the west flanks of Y Gribin: The False Gribin. This lends itself well to talking points involving how to manage groups up an introductory scramble; hazards, line choice, spotting etc.

The group thoroughly enjoyed their day out – another cracking year helping out with the BMC Student Safety Seminar. It’s great to help out with these as my own experiences and background in student mountaineering clubs is very useful to relate back to – the discussions seemed to go very positively again this year and hopefully there’ll be some even more safely operating scrambling groups getting out into the mountains.

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