Week 16 at Plas y Brenin

  • Cake of the week – Millionaire’s Sponge
  • Interesting Fact – Chomolungma (Mount Everest) is apparently 8850.1728m tall
  • Best Thing – CA Team playing on open top kayaks in the jetty
  • Worst Thing – Injury from falling off the mountain bike!
  • Work Highlight – IML Speed Nav course setting – great fun!
  • Best Outdoor – Passed my 2* ahead of BCU UKCC Level 1

Summary: Lots of variety this week, oh, and wet…

Brenin Bridge  (usually 6ft clearance!)

Brenin Bridge (usually 6ft clearance!)

Monday – LOCAL
Lie-in, blog, and planning day! Visited Cotswold Rock Bottom to purchase some new climbing shoes! In the evening a talk by Adam on the Yukon Challenge (kayaking) was of good interest.
Tuesday – LOCAL
Water day! Eager to see how the promised overnight flooding had left the Brenin bridge, Will & I snuck out early to see if ultimate excitement had been achieved – that the Llugwy may have broken over the bridge entirely. Alas, it was only teasingly lapping against the very top edge! We drove down to see the usually Grade 5-6 rapids under Pont Cyfyng – absolutely torrential as this video proves!
In the afternoon I made some purchases for the bike off Wiggle and worked the bar in the evening (cashing up went much better and balanced perfectly – whoop!)
Jim's bridge flooded

Jim's bridge flooded

Morning session: Mountain Biking photoshoot on the new £40K skills/pump track around at Bryn Engan – brilliant time until I fell off + it was rainy! Stupid fall = grazed arm 😦
Afternoon session: training on the new centre database system!
In the evening, I snuck over to see the new cottage coming into shape, we watched The Social Network – great film! – and I managed to finish the Wedding photography for Geth & Kirsty!
3 lots of paddling today!
  1. 2* Kayak skills training
  2. Rafting canoes on the lake (very wet activity with 8 CAs and 2 instructors!) and taking the open tops down for a spin in the jetty!
  3. Rolling Pool – technique session two, getting there – very close now!
Photoshoot on Plas y Brenin's new mountain bike skills course

Photoshoot on Plas y Brenin's new mountain bike skills course


The morning was spent over at the coral learning about the boat sheds, different boat types and general hands-on tips. Fixed lots of canoe seats! Thereafter, I was assessed for my BCU 2* award which I passed!

In the afternoon I knuckled down to go over the IML speed nav preparation with Carlo – that evening I spent quite a number of hours getting 10 reasonably standardised courses out of my 12 master controls for the weekend event…

Saturday – BAIML (British Association of International Mountain Leaders)/MLTA/PYB weekend
This ‘taster’ weekend to find out if the IML (International Mountain Leader) award ‘is for you’ was being hosted at Plas y Brenin. I’d been drafted in to help run the speed nav element of the 2 days – a 1hr 45min (approx) course to find 5 control points on a 1:25000 map.
I left the Brenin just before 7am to set out the course on the Crimpiau – with a light jog between points this was done in two and a half hours back in time for the morning sessions which I was able to join in with. The rest of the day went well.
A PYB control kite battles in the gusty morning weather on the Crimpiau

A PYB control kite battles in the gusty morning weather on the Crimpiau

Sunday – BAIML (British Association of International Mountain Leaders)/MLTA/PYB weekend
Day 2, and a morning run only took 1 hour to get round and check all the controls were still there and had not taken off in the high winds! Setting off the speed nav in the morning session, I was then able to join in with the rope-work workshop which was certainly very useful.
A bit tired but I enjoyed the challenge, with it being similar to my passion for orienteering, and thankfully it was well received with good feedback on the courses.
A great weekend! Plus, I was able to decide for myself whether or not to embark on the IML scheme – we’ll see!

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