Photo post #6: ‘Rurban’ Nottinghamshire


Urban & rural tomfoolery 🙂

Rotating crops

'Rotating crops'

Convex mirror

Convex mirror



and so you don’t think I’ve forgotten how to photograph normally, here’s North Notts on Boxing Day…

moody skies, Nottinghamshire 26/12/2010

moody skies, Nottinghamshire 26/12/2010

2 Responses to “Photo post #6: ‘Rurban’ Nottinghamshire”

  1. 1 Suryiah Evans

    I am working on a church tourism project across Rural Conwy, and St Mary’s Betws-y-coed is one of the churches that wants to increase visitor numbers. This is a fantastic photo and I would like to have a chat with you about potentially using it on some publications to raise money for the church. Could you email me for a chat?

  2. thanks for the comment Suryiah, I’ve e-mailed you a reply

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