Tryfan North, Bristly Ridge, and Tryfan Bach


3 scrambles, 1 early start on a splendid winter’s day…

North Tower, Tryfan

North Tower, Tryfan

Setting off at 7.30am, our route took us up via Tryfan Bach to gain the crest of the North Ridge. With a visually appealing sunrise in the East, we ascended as far as the base of the North Tower without any metalwork – powdery (yet plenty of) snow – successfully resisting the urge to balance on the Canon.

Having summited in good time, we made our way over to the imposing looking Bristly Ridge. After a slight delay burrowing through the waist-deep filled Sinister Gully and negotiating the tricky step, the rest of the route went smoothly with Great Pinnacle Gap providing little difficulty bar a careful negotiation of the step down. The snow cover on the tops was, although extensively affected by the wind, not untypically approx. 30cm, yet still very light and powdery.

Our descent via the screes (no issues here) and Cwm Tryfan led us back down to Tryfan Bach in order to scramble up the left-hand flank to nicely round off the day. Photos will demonstrate conditions best…


Grivel G12 crampons (Scarpa Manta)

Grivel G12 crampons (with Scarpa Manta)


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2 Responses to “Tryfan North, Bristly Ridge, and Tryfan Bach”

  1. Is that the road way below your feet in the very first pic?
    If so you are totally insane!

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