The Good, The Bad, and the other things


I just had a phone call with John from Schneider Optics in Canada. You see I recently bought some camera lens filters off ebay that came from Hong Kong and I was checking their authenticity. This excites me that I can sit here at 00:30 in front of Skype and chat with John as if he were next door. He was very chirpy (Canadian) and proceeded to tell me all about his company’s ventures into the Asian market. This was good customer service (apart from giving me a phone number 15 digits long for his rep in the UK) :s

An equally good slice of customer service came in the form of BT when I had to query them about our phoneline suddenly barring all outgoing calls. They were very helpful, have friendly and intelligent switchboard systems and the call was free. Specifically it didn’t require me to ring 0871 (a.k.a. national extortionate-rate numbers and be bounced around a miriad of switchboards like a game of pinball to India and back as was the case with Tiscali. Incidentally their postal address is a farm! ‘Waiting for the cows to come home’ was indeed the theme as I disagreed with the technical support regarding our phone and broadband ‘deals’.

The latter is a case of Bad customer service with a capital ‘B’, in fact I’m appalled they still get away with it. Watchdog, here goes.

P.S. my headphones that went through the wash still work!
P.P.S. permission is granted for those of Yorkshire origin to pronounce the title to this post “T’t Good, T’t Bad, and” well you get it 😉 I do want to regain a Yorkshire accent, I should technically still have one but Nottingham benefitted it little.


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