A wee rant


Tsk, 1 post a week, this isn’t good enough.

I will take the opportunity to have a moan. Firstly, heating up this house is quite comparable to attempting to heat up the North Pole, only I suspect I’d have more success with the latter. No sooner has the heating gone off, the house resorts alarmingly quickly to its chilly self, alas.

Also, there’s a ridiculous inconsistency accross the board regarding the complexity of my six exams. I do wish standardisation was at least attempted to ensure that I don’t have to either snigger or gawp endlessly at different subjects.

Oh and has anyone ever got more than 85% on a business essay? Whereas in computer-based or mathematical subjects it is possible for me to gain 100%, there’s not a cat in hells chance I’ll ever do that for the business school.

Rant over. Oh no, wait, did I mention the Computing assignment worth a mere 20% of a basic 10 credit module that was actually a dissertation length, Ph.D.-style project. It’s quite frankly outrageous.


One Response to “A wee rant”

  1. 1 Marie

    Hope you feel better for that! Get your thermals out, complain to the Landlord and write to whoever is in charge of the Uni with your observations regarding exams etc!

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