The Game with the impractically shaped ball…


[from a Rugby “newbie”]

I’m vaguely bored, so here’s my way out – I’m blogging it…

They’re out… Was it the camera angle or are the majority of the South African’s about a foot bigger than their English counterparts?

Eek, I hope they demonstrate better rugby than their singing skills (mainly SA)

I wonder how many times we’re likely to hear Sweet Chariot?

Mr. Wilkinson does look tired, it does seem there’s an incredible amount of pressure on him.

I’d request, nay, demand, a helmet, after all we’re recommending helmets now for Bangor Mountain Walking Club scrambles.

“Wilko” bears a striking resemblence to

Shrek’s Prince Charming

Actually, so does Montgomery

I’m just randomly playing with acronyms for the UMWC, it’s always bugged me a little that we don’t have “Bangor” in our title and that we have a fair bit of scrambling too. So…

BMWC – Instead of ‘U’, a ‘B’
BUMWC – Er, oh dear
BMWSC – includes scrambling

…but nothing rolls off the tongue

how about:
Bangor Prominenence Promenading Club BPPC or the BBC – Bangor Bumbling-around-Snowdonia Club

ok… back to Rugby, goodness time flies when you’re having fun…

There’s not been any mexican waves yet, this displeases me.

Where’s this ‘Cheetah’ fellow gone?

The clock has stopped, this seems more sensible than football, ooh everything’s gone all solemn :s

Ah, the suspense, so close yet so far [the try line thingamy]

Tea and biscuits anyone?


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