This blogging thing…


Tsk, such neglection *slap on wrist*. Well, here is a ‘new-weeks promise’ to blog more….

An introduction to scrambling yesterday in some greasy conditions (hillfog, mist and that) still brought 74 members out with us, a full double decker! Finishing at Joe Brown’s for most proved a nice way to end cheap gear week – 20% off.

Last night I had apparently left the window in my room open a smidgen too far and found myself waking up to a furry, 4-legged sort of greeting, that of next-doors cat (for these purposes now called “Cornflakes”). A dashing of breakfast and the first wash-load on, Cornflakes had strategically navigated itself upstairs to surprise the next unexpecting member of the household.

A timely bit of studying was supplemented by a test on Facebook’s upload bandwidth which, even back-uploading all my pics from 1998, I didn’t exceed.

Top Gear was as usual quite bonkers.

I’m hoping to hear some exciting things about Botanical Beats and the Photography Society meet this afternoon, seemed nice enough out there.


2 Responses to “This blogging thing…”

  1. 1 Marie

    Wonder if Cornflakes is training to become a ‘Cat Burglar’!

  2. Top Gear was, indeed, bonkers. Also, per the opinions of the half-dozen law students with whom I was watching, totally illegal – smoking in the workplace. Tut tut.

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