Ooh, the tension and atmosphere at this time of year. Elections and NUS Disaffiliation Referendum makes for a double dose. Mutterings down the corridors “CSO whisper mutter…”, “…got no chance”, “bound to be voted for…”. It’s interesting observing all this from the outside.

I’ve heard some very interesting things already and we’re not even in the heated elections week itself yet. I am personally staying well away from these facebook groups supporting candidates too. I’m keeping stum!

And just what are 1st Security using our media room as a base for their MI5 antics for? It seems no one knows why they’re their, if they’re even paying for the use, or indeed for how long they’ll stay (3 weeks I’ve heard). There’s a whole 2 computers for all the SU societies and clubs to use at the moment.


One Response to “Whispers”

  1. 1 carolan

    They’ve been told they can only use the table in the media room, not the computers. They need access to our network, but our students shouldn’t be disadvantaged in the meantime. Let us know if you’re continuing to experience problems.

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