Frustration is the key word here. Frustrated that I had simply not had a chance to look at the agenda and motions thoroughly. Equally, the meeting didn’t run smoothly: we had all those motions to debate and what did we spend time on? Strippers.

Nitpicking at the constitution also doesn’t help. Common sense should prevail, and yes, as a separate agenda the issues can be raised and resolved but not where they don’t occupy the primary focus. Think welsh.

And councillors should quiz the exec, yes, definately. We need to be sure that everything is ‘hunky dory’. However, we also ought to demonstrate more trust in them, they’re the ones operating the day-to-day dealings with the SU and students.

Oh and I never did get to ask my question about Strobe Light policy… must formulate quicker.


One Response to “Council”

  1. 1 carolan

    Just catching up on everyone’s blogs now that the mayhem is over (thanks for all the help btw, you’re a star!). I completely agree about Council — it was most frustrating. And I also agree about us exec folks: I’m all for being questioned and stuff, it keeps us on our toes and focused on the job in hand, but sometimes we just need to be trusted to do the right thing.

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