eToilets and iLoos


Oh I love this…

MSN plans to install an external “Hotmail station” on the outside of the MSN iLoo so people can do something useful while they queue. This will include a waterproof keyboard and plasma screen enabling users to surf the Internet while waiting.

MSN says it’s in talks with toilet-paper makers to produce special paper imprinted with URLs that users may not have tried.

On Monday, representatives for the software giant told news agencies that a news release trumpeting the i-Loo was a hoax and apologized for “any confusion or offense.”

But on Tuesday, the company reversed itself, saying the i-Loo was real but now has been killed.

Ok, so they can’t make their mind up, sounds about right. Moving on to the in-home version…

I liked the bit about…

Additionally, the eToilet’s composition gauge will offer web-based dietary recommendations and guidelines based on the physical makeup of the material that is input into the device

My favourite reader comment was “man this OS runs like [insert choice of rude word here]”

Oh and I do wonder what sort of feedback it would send back to Microsoft if you fed it a Zune (a brown one of course).


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