Top College – Nottingham High School


Spot the difference…

Both built in the 1800s in very different parts of the country but don’t look too disimilar I believe.


2 Responses to “Top College – Nottingham High School”

  1. 1 Marie

    Seen both these buildings within 2 days! Should I count myself as lucky – or what?
    Just read the ‘Did us no harm’ from your side notes – it is all SO true!! You really have all missed out on a whole lot of fun – tell that to Rachel- I couldn’t post anything on her site as I don’t have a Google account and password

  2. I was reading the “short history” of Nottingham High School the other day, and discovered (as well as the fact that headmasters are always referred to as “the Duke” – wish I’d read that while I was still there) that the main, original building took 9 years to build (instead of the planned two), took 4 architects to design, the last of which was prosecuted by the trustees (now the governors) when they took possession of the building, and originally only consisted of the first and second floors – the ground floor was added later, believe it or not.

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