Overlooked features

  • The most frequently updated overlooked feature on my site has to be “SideNotes“: Whenever I don’t have time to blog a main post or I find an interesting link that doesn’t require one, I simply chuck it into these SideNotes (in the right column below the iTunes display). If you are an RSS user it even has it’s own feed separate from the main blog.

  • If you haven’t tried searching for something on my blog, try to start typing your first name into the search box (top of right column).

  • The “Current iTunes Tracks” feature simply tells you what I’m listening to or have recently been doing so. If you’re lucky it will find a match for album artwork from amazon to complement the title and artist. This isn’t, however, always dead on accurate, as I have just been listening to a trance tune by “Blizzard Feat” and the album artwork came back with the Happy Feat Soundtrack.

  • [Click on the above image for another fun feature]

    Oh and cos it’s winter, if you are viewing with Firefox or just generally not IE, you’ll see snow falling *yay*.


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