Time management

Wow, what a great last week(s) of term it’s shaping up to be been (started this post ages ago). Firstly there was a fantastic Christmas Dinner at Hendre Hall – hope you’ve spotted the photos from a previous post. Saturday was a fun walk with two Santas and a Wizard (fancy dress) and Sunday was the Musoc Christmas Concert – a success it must be said and with a entirely satisfactorily sized audience (try saying that quickly lol). PJ Hall was almost full!

*Must do that essay*

Monday promised to be exciting with a carol concert early evening and a visit to Time (nightclub), erm, late evening. The carol concert was thoroughly enjoyable and the South Walian (is that a word?) guest speaker was especially funny. However, carols being sung simultaneously in English and Welsh made for an interesting sound and I decided I might confuse my neighbours more by singing the choir harmony on top of that :p

*Must do that essay*

Wednesday evening was a long-awaited trip to the cinema with the added bonus of yet again “80mph gusts” blowing us back and forth from Llandudno. Happy Feet and Casino Royale were the offerings, and with the rave reviews I’ve heard the Bond was the obvious choice (although I really want to go and see those dancing penguins).

Ok, and I had better stop rambling and turn my efforts of writing to The essay… wake me up at dinner time.


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  1. 1 Marie

    Would you like your ‘Spellchecker’ back? then you will be able to check words such as bureaucracy!! Let me know.

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