Trains and that


This week absolutely flew by, I can’t believe how quickly it went. Just like an episode of Pingu really; far too short. Anyhow, a whirlwind tour to Nottingham and back from Friday and Saturday went smoothly, getting there in time for a firework party (my 3rd this month!) with the 34th Nottingham Scouts. Quality display except the driving rain and just too many with blank faces when I mention Bangor, “huh?” and that. The shock really kicks in when I explain it’s a city lol.

So, what did I do in such a short time at home. A lot actually – cleaning the car I had just returned (boo, hiss) for two weeks, and sorting out various techy issues with computers/mobiles/bluetooth headsets/wireless connections (parents). With no time to spare on my whistle-stop tour, I made the 16:42 train with a couple of seconds to spare. Ah trains…

As I often travel the various connections between Nottingham and Bangor (no less than 2 changes!) I, as usual, went for the connection which included the rather plusher Virgin Pendolino (British Rail Class 390). So instead of trundling around on the rather clunky and aged Central Trains (Derby – Crewe/Chester), I split the journey into long, short, long stages by going via Stockport. This meant a little longer than normal on the Midland Mainline which, to not many people’s knowledge, often include an older/out of service 1st class carriage on their trains, which is great as most people divert away from it. So, what better to do than read that SU Council agenda for next Tuesday; any excuse to whip out the old PowerBook.

A brief shuttle from Stockport to Crewe allowed for a food break whilst enduring a riveting conversation between two female students rabbiting on about fridges, before the peace and comfort of the Virgin “quiet-zone” allowed me to finish two whole magazines before arriving back in Bangor.

Oh and I just love the Orange “togetherness” advert with the wind-up ‘keep-me-goings’, awesome.

P.S. David – please correct me if I’m out on any train details, I fear I might be 😉


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