Bonfire Night & Tryfan


[WARNING: This post is unconventionally long, ‘photo overload syndrome’ severity warning: hazardous]

Firstly some photos as promised from last Thursday’s scramble/yomp up Y Garn Grade 2…

[to see the entire album click the photos]


Another busy busy weekend with Saturday covering everyone’s favourite mountain – Tryfan. Our “team leader” super hard group did some super hard route (well, ish) and played around at Grade 1/2 on Tryfan North Ridge not forgetting the canon and the jump from Adam to Eve , followed by another scramble up Bristly Ridge onto Glyder Fach accross to Castle of the Winds and down Y Gribin. Had we not played around as much and had to queue behind slower groups, that Plymouth lot – tsk, we might have completed our planned route extension including Glyder Fawr, Llyn y Cwm, Y Garn with NE ridge descent.

As usual we had some cracking stunt photos so be sure to look at the album below…

[to see the entire album click the photos]

Bonfire Night Part 1

Having the car for a prolonged period this Semester has meant I have been able to do considerably more with my time and venture places previously unventured. So where better to go on Bonfire Night than the renowned Beaumaris Pier Firework Display. Absolutely stunning, not to mention packed, and with an entry fee of ยฃ2 (a large percentage going to the RNLI) a bargain. We arrived at about 18:30 in time to grab a hot dog / toffee apple (yum) from the BBQ and watched the bonfire be ignited. Various uninterpretable announcements from the mayor later the firework display began and boy was it a good one….

[to see the entire album click the photos]


Bonfire Night Part 2

But alas, that wasn’t it for the night, no. Back in Bangor was the unofficial walking club firework party at a place far, far, away (unless you have a car)! The fireworks were by no means on par with the Beaumaris ones (obviously) but they lasted throughout the evening (thanks to Aldi for it’s cheap produces), and were really quite spectacular for the size of the party. Again, thanks to Stefan and his housemates, we were well fed and watered – a great evening.

[to see the entire album click the photos]


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