Halloween Post


Ok, I strictly don’t have the time to blog everyday, fact. So, Halloween, what a laugh. And I got fancied out this year with a £1.25 pumpkin-light-headband from £Stretcher. Oh, and some pumpkin candle holders and electric chain lights (the sort that make you wonder if they might spontaneously combust and cause a fire) from Aldi. So all ‘pumpkined out’ (coining that). And not to forget the 94p ‘Spooky Halloween Sounds’ CD from Tesco, worth all 59 minutes and 59 seconds of it. Anyhow, the only Halloween party I ended up at was the Music Society one on Monday straight from climbing – photos here – so I came dressed as, um, a climber.

BUT, *shock, horror*, we never bought a real pumpkin 😦

Photos wise unlike last year, I don’t have time to copy all the photos into my albums every week (and more than once a week at that), so I will continue to direct you in various different directions to other photo galleries for now. Oh and I now have… wait for it…

OVER 13,000 photos in my iPhoto Library *gasp*

Now because I’ve not blogged for a while I mainly forgot what happened on Wednesday except I’m very glad I have the car at the moment as I would not have got anywhere on time without it. Having woken up on time to do some washing I was dismayed to find that the business seminar I thought I had two hours to prepare for, had been brought forward, um, two hours *yelp*, but I still managed to complete the preparation and give a most convincing presentation which I was rather proud of myself for.

Wednesday evening started with a cheap gear night at an Outdoor shop “The Great Arete” in Bangor, which pretty much 2 of our 160 strong membership attended. Hmm. The pub social was great fun, and Michèle even managed to convince us all to go to her house party afterwards. These can be dangerous.

Thursday morning was a 9am start for an ad hoc trip to Ogwen Valley to do a Grade 2 scramble up the NE ridge of Y Garn. Quality stuff. That’s 600m scrambling and descent and we did it in… just over 2 hours lol. This included running down devil’s kitchen *gah* to the surprise and amazement of onlookers, mainly all the school geography classes out that day! More photos of that soon.

And it’s back to Ogwen Vallery and the Glyderau tomorrow for another scramble. Talk about action packed weeks – it does seem to be the norm for me at the moment. Assignments will wreck the fun soon I have no doubt, but for now, rock on!

The latest 5 albums on the Mountain Walking Club gallery:

[I’m in some of them! – to see the entire 2006-2007 album so far click the photos ]

The latest addition to the *installed today* Music Society gallery:

[I’m in some of them again! – to see the entire Haloween album click the photos ]


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