This week’s council was rather exciting, especially the elections which took place. I did feel quite sorry for Peter and Andrew getting interrogated so thoroughly, but I guess that’s what council’s controlling process is there for. Sam B, having apologised for his “misinterpreted” behaviour at the last meeting, did come out with some humourous comments, which are good to lighten up a meeting in small quantity I suppose. It’s good to see you don’t take it too seriously Sam – the finance report was amusingly sparse due to “no time to spare” (a scooter in the curved lounge did anybody say?)

Also, amongst all the policy motions, reports, and other more serious stuff, I appear to have become a sort of official photographer for Seren (the Uni Newspaper), we’ll see if it works out. I only meant to ask if there was room for pictures in the pages, but hopefully Emma will approach the Photograhy Society too! I’m no professional SLR dood myself, it must be added.

And I almost forgot, “Apparently the Bangor Biscuit Appreciation Society has crumbled”, nice one Emma Laughing


One Response to “Council”

  1. 1 carolan

    Heehee, Sam has been neglecting us poor Finance Committee people.

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