Ok, well the last part I just made up really but I rather ought to start blogging every day again, it’s good for me. Yesterday I attended Councillor training to make the most of my post as an Independent Councillor within the Student’s Union. It was rather informative and a good confidence booster [thanks Carolan and Sam], so I look forward to perhaps putting some of it into practice at next week’s meeting, we’ll see.

Today, as always on Saturdays, was a walky day – this week the destination being the Southern Carneddau (Pen yr Ole Wen, Dafydd [not to be confused with Dafyd ], Llewelyn, Pen yr Helgi Du). In summary, wet would cover it quite well although windy would also be very applicable, and the two put together… Nevertheless the cloud base kept lifting and the showers were predominantly short and sharp and we all got back fine *phew* for me being the acting safety officer today. In fact, I ended up being Secretary, Safety, and PR today, which allowed me to dabble in other people’s jobs for the day πŸ˜‰ What fun.

Photos to come shortly. I’m off to watch “Have I got news for you”…


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