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Ok, I might as well do some advertising whilst I have nothing in particular to blog about. UMWC – not heard of before? Well, type it into Google and you’ll soon know. We’re really quite glad that it has become quite a popular site. Ok, this was only really developed at the end of September ready for freshers/welcome week at Bangor, but now the rough edges are disappearing, it thrives. Check out our walk sign up form for each week (look on weekdays) – simple, elegant, and powerful – tells you who’s already signed up to walk and their associated comments relating to it. Basically I’m really happy with Joomla, which I consider to be the most powerful open source CMS (content management system) around. Everything just works naturally and it’s only at version 1.0. The interface of this CMS excels beyond a lot of expectations, especially the backend.

Anyway enough about boring techy stuff. You can take time out to have a look around on the UMWC gallery where you’ll find photos of the things I”ve been doing since the start of term…

This weekend I’ve been home to sort various things out, take some more stuff back and fix various electronic household arrangements, TVs/computers and the like. MOST importantly, I discovered a few weeks back that although BT Cellnet never wanted to give us new phones with our Upfront tariff, O2 are more than willing to do so every year. In fact even though it was a Saturday (i.e. busy), the member of staff that served us in the O2 shop was a star. She was really thorough in all the help she gave tailoring the techy stuff to my parents and I on suitably different levels and even fed us cakes which she home bakes every Saturday for her customers to gobble up!

So the result was a nice free (I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be) upgrade to a Sony Ericsson W810i phone which is suitably timed for my seemingly dead iPod Shuffle I used to use for to and from lectures *sigh*. This is quite a bargain with a 512MB pro duo stick included to say the last time I paid anything was the upfront 5 years ago. Mum and Dad ended up with suitably simple Nokias (as they are used to them) but both got free brand spanking O2 bluetooth headsets which will add a certain amount of comic value at some point I’m sure

Although being quite techy myself I must say that phones are always something I’ve strayed away from knowing “everything” about, however, I strongly believe a lot of the phones out there are really unsophisticated and just what are Motorola playing about at with their OS? It’s like going back in time – talk about sub-standard at the very least. Definately ‘fashion over functionality’ and dare I mention a resemblance between using Windows and Mac OS X? I can’t say I have much time for anything but Sony Ericsson’s nowadays, spam me with hate all you like, but they are the most sophisticated (admitedly not as fancy fashionable as the newset slimline phone), but they’re very functional and intuitve to use.

So having said that I have nothing really to blog about was a bit of a porker but it is nearly 02:00 and waffle is kicking in… Till a more rational time.


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