It’s manic!


Ok, so now we have a fast 8Mb connection in our house *yay* :p BUT I don’t have any time :s. Suddenly an action packed “Welcome Week” turned into two days up Snowdon *phew* on the weekend and suddenly Monday morning and it’s associated 09:00 lecture beckoned.

Welcome week was rather fun it has to be said, with me possibly trying to take a little too much on what with the walking club, music society [these two sites I created this Summer!], student union volunteering, and managing to take a day out playing on the South side of Snowdon (Watkin path area) and an attempted Grade 2 scramble.

All in all – most enjoyable, then there was the small matter of taking the fresher’s out two days running on Snowdon, which went entirely successfully, yet perhaps a little tiring for those of us leading 1085m two days in a row!

So, the lectures have started and I’m still trying to catch up with myself. My room is pretty sorted although there is a large Argos order coming tomorrow I believe. The house is very nice, clean & tidy and bar some things being somewhat old fashioned they’re slowly being hidden away or replaced.

Oh, and yesterday I went along to the Student Union Council meeting which is held in a rather lovely “Council Chamber” in the Old Arts Building “Top College”. Kind of reminds you of Nottingham High School with a more polished interior. Check out this image for a Player Hall look-a-like. Anyway, I went so I could become 1 of 20 Independent Student Councillors who are responsible for keeping tabs on the Executive (made up of 5 full-time “sabbatical” officers and 10 voluntary officers responsible for different parts/roles of the SU). These “Council” meetings are every 3 weeks and involve debating and voting on policy motions and such.

MORE PHOTOS FROM EVENTS SOON… one could call it a backlog ๐Ÿ˜‰


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