A move away from the normal techy picture posts, here’s just a nice and standard news update…

4 exams down, 1 to go (next Tuesday) so things are looking rosy. The exams have been fine so far, and to be honest seeing as they don’t in fact count towards my degree haven’t exactly received my undivided attention! Instead I have been concentrating more on walking/scrambling/climbing and of course the odd website or two. As I am in staying in Bangor till the 5th June (because of a Beach Party on the 3rd) I thought I had nothing to do until someone asked if i was willing to be paid to do a photo shoot for next year’s prospectus. So that’ll all be nice and exciting. The odd trip to the cinema is also planned as there are so many good films out at the moment (Da Vinci, X-Men III, Mission Imp. III etc.). Also I really can’t wait for Cars which I expect to be the best Pixar film yet!

Next year will be busy, as I am on two club committees, possibly a third and may get involved more with the SU. With these extra weekly meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in addition to climbing nights and orchestra etc. I’ll be whisked off my feet. I may of course also find time to do some work.

Today I am in Nottingham having come home to collect the car so I can get back next week on my own and am currently sifting through mountains of post and even managed to do our back lawn, what fun.

I shall be posting the last UMWC walk photos (Snowdon) on Sunday most likely as we have an end of year meal on Sat. evening. Till then.


2 Responses to “News”

  1. 1 Marie

    – and a jolly good job You made of the back lawn!! I suppose my car will enjoy the visits to the beach, cinema etc. etc………i always enjoy reading your blog to find out what is happening in your life.

  2. 2 rumslant

    I know what you are going to say – nag, nag, nag!!! But – will you find some time next year for studying? Great to see that your photography skills seem to be recognised. Looking forward to seeing the new prospectus as well as the posters you did.

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