April Fools Picks


It’s that time of year again. Here’s a collection of the best I came accross today…

The iRon

For the most part we found the sound even across frequencies but necessarily “left speaker heavy,” as we iron with our right hands.

According to Gear4, the iRon sold in Europe must conform to a “temperature cap” imposed by the French government. This cap requires that personal cleaning and pressing appliances not exceed temperatures of 98 degrees Celsius.

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The iZilla

The iZilla can be powered by a standard 120VAC wall outlet, or runs off 16 D size batteries (not included).

Product Features & Specifications
2000 Gigabytes of storage

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Don’t miss the rest!

The Beatles iPod Special Edition

More information about The Beatles iPod® Special Edition can be found here

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30th Anniversary Mac – The miniTower

CUPERTINO, California–April 1, 2006—Apple® today unveiled the new Mac® miniTower with two Intel Core Duo processors and one Motorola Dual-core PowerPC G5 processor inside the box. “This is our new 30th Anniversary Macintosh,” explained Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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Apple Announces iPC

Today, Apple announced their very first computer designed to run Windows. The new computer, dubbed “iPC,” is similar in form to the current iMacs and is packaged with the consumer version of WIndows XP. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, “There has been wide speculation as to whether the new Intel platform can run Windows. I’m here to tell you that the answer is defintely. Millions of people are forced by their employers to run Windows, and the new iPC lets them do that in style.

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The USB Memory Stick

Watch this space                 for more developments… …we’re very much hoping that the V2 Dreamcatcher which will record your dreams (only up one hours worth at the moment, and in black and white) will be ready by Christmas.

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Wireless Extension Cords

Warning: Even though these microwaves are about as harmful as the leakage from an ordinary microwave oven (not much), do not put computers, televisions, other sensitive electrical equipment, food, liquids, paper, glass, flammable substances, magnets, or living things in between the base and satellite units. Just in case.

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