Intelligent Dressing Room / Gdrive


I wouldn’t normally post something as trivial as this in the main blog (it would normally go in the SideNotes section), but this required the photo too. As you can see the ‘mirror’ reflects back what you would look like in various different clothing, which is something I can see taking off like a rocket in top-end high street fashion clothing stores at least.

Something that I incidentally don’t think will take off is Google’s secret “thick server, thin client” idea, having us store 100% of our data on a Gdrive (like a virtual hard drive) and having the computer simply act as a cache to request and handle files. Urm, no, certainly not all our data (bandwidth/security?). I think the storage concept will stay as it is with the user for the forseeable future, if anything Google will come out with an iDisk like strategy a few years late (just like their Page Creator [GeoCities]). Businesses may adapt localised concepts like Google’s though to enable their workers to extend the idea of “hot-desking”.


2 Responses to “Intelligent Dressing Room / Gdrive”

  1. 1 Marie

    This is JUST what I want !! Would save HOURS when shopping or when simply deciding what to wear!

  2. 2 Marie

    One of these would save SOooooo much time when deciding what to buy/wear!! how much?

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