UMWC Ugain 2006


A “successful failure” as Pete puts it, this week we were faced with equally strong winds as on the Carneddau trip. Setting off from half way up the Llanberis pass we soon realised it was too windy to carry on. In addition to steep and snowy ground this meant turning back before reaching Garnedd Ugain (Wales’ second highest peak @ 1001m). We had a lot of fun flying and generally being blown about, however not nearly as much as the fun involved on the Llanberis adventure playground and obstacle course.

This was negotiated after an hour in Pete’s Eats and a look in Joe Brown’s (outdoor shop). We also had time for a 20 minute walk around Llanberis and back along the Lake front, before meeting the others and catching the bus back. Overall fun but not quite as planned.

 To see all 27 photos on the NEW interactive slideshow format click on the “Start Slideshow” button to be taken to the relevant page. (Page may take sometime to load).
(Hint: move mouse around to find the ‘hotspots’)


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