UMWC Carneddau 2006


A day full of ear-warmth, Vikings, scrambling, wind, ice, and snow, this week’s walk proved to be a challenging yet very fun outing. The route took us up from Bethesda (15 mins from Bangor), into the Carneddau Mountains, where we faced a grade 1 scramble up to Carnedd Dafydd (1044m), starting at about 520m. The walk-in from Bethesda was quite a long one, and so we had a bite to eat and got kitted out before we set off up. Strong winds and ice (i.e. thick frost) hampered the ascent somewhat, however, we still flew up in excellent time and took shelter from the now very strong winds at the top of Dafydd.


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After lunch (if you can call jam, ginger-nut bisuits, and a jaffa cake all inside one bap lunch [Barry]), we set off on the horseshoe path towards Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m), which proved to be quite snowy and slippy, yet comparatively flat. This was all in a cloud and we only saw the valley (and sunshine) again once we had descended off Llewelyn some way taking the path down over Yr Elen and Foel Ganol. Cwm Casseg to the East, was frozen over to give an idea of the cold spell at the moment.

It was between these last two peaks that the weather turned decidedly nasty and had a good go at blowing us off the mountain. It very literally took out a fair amount of the group who were essentially flattened as a particularly strong gust of wind passed by. The process was continued as many of the group took to sliding down the hill, not due to it’s steepness, but because of the wind’s pushing skills. The fun ended when we got back down in the 500s (m) where it simply rained on us until we got back to Bethesda after a thankfully uneventful river crossing.

It’s fair to say that we got our fair amount of excitement out of the day!


2 Responses to “UMWC Carneddau 2006”

  1. 1 Marie

    AND – you ENJOY this!?

  2. Ooh – Me Mountain. I like that. πŸ˜€

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