UMWC Night Hike 2006


By far better than the last Night Hike; the weather was a great deal more favourable this time, with a pretty mild temperature all evening. Apparently there was meant to be a temperature inversion (meaning the temperature would be colder in the valley and warmer higher up) although this didn’t seem to be the case.


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The route was a circular one starting and ending at Idwal Cottage, taking us up past Llyn Bochlwyd (Australia Lake) and Bwlch Tryfan, heading up the scree slope to Glyder Fach (994m?). After this rather steep and scree(y) ascent, we found we were in a cloud, and the camera reacted accordingly suffering it’s usual white spot issue. Even though we were in a cloud, it proved easier (for a short while) to walk accross to the ‘Cantilever’ without torches. We played around for a bit and then had a bite to eat before moving on heading for Glyder Fawr (999m). After having scrambled around on the way here we spent a short time eating (again!) before trying to find the scree slope down to the lake above Devil’s Kitchen, which proved to be very unsuccessful, thus preceding to surf down the scree slope. The top of Devil’s Kitchen was interestingly icy with quite a few people doing the classic cartoon banana slip landing on their backsides. It didn’t help that the normally deep boggy areas were frozen over, as although the ice mainly held, it felt very unstable. The waterfall like descent to the start of the D.K. was equally comical and indeed played host to a short ice-sliding session.

As we had been walking for 5-6 hours by now tiredness was kicking in and so we had a few more breaks before finally ending up at Idwal Cottage again. All in all, a great night hike!

2 Responses to “UMWC Night Hike 2006”

  1. 1 rumslant

    who is that funny looking bloke in the middle without a hat? you should know by now your parents scrutinise the photos; next – just for the photo – put a hat on to prove to mum that you keep warm.

  2. It wasn’t cold 🙂

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