Smack on Head


[This post may be a little techy for some] As Wallace & Gromit might say, “What a calamity”, or for more modern viewers “What a kerfuffle” (Little Britain if you don’t watch it). Anyhow, after having ripped the power connector off the logic board of my laptop on the 24th December (and failing to re-attach it with superglue), it wouldn’t power on and so I gave in and handed it to Jigsaw.

The hope was that they would be able to fix it for me, but I was simply informed that I would need a whole new logic board (which is basically the core of the computer) at a cost of Β£655 not including labour. Bargain! Only yesterday did I get a call from them (ok, it was a free service). Determined not to give in to having to somehow purchase a new computer (it would be cheaper than the repair), I went into school today after picking the laptop up, and begged some assisstance from one of the members of staff, who helped solder the little devil back on. Finally after poking around with a dangerously hot and thick-tipped soldering iron (I really am out of my depth when holding one of these) I melted the connector back on, and to my surprise it worked!

So now I’m enjoying the delights of my new 100Gb 5400rpm drive, whisper quiet but just as roasting hot as the old one. And to think this all started because the original hard-drive was failing. Note to self: never tinker with inside of laptop again. I just hope and pray it stays in place now, to play safe I might just never shut down the computer from now on.

Left: Under the keyboard | Center: Under the top case | Right: Close up


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