End of Term


Now that was a long term, and it’s not even the end of Semester 1 yet! Lectures sort of petered out as this last week went on meaning that as of 11am today I was free to pack *yay* in preparation for tomorrow’s exit scheduled for soon after 9am. Not so sure if that’ll be possible as I will most likely be doing a good 25-30 trips; balance boxes, lock door, call lift, go down in the lift, out to car, arrange stuff in car so it fits, lock car, back to lift, wait hopefully not too long (being 7am hopefully not too many people about), up in the lift… 1 trip down, 29 to go…

Now all that depends on whether the lift magically breaks down overnight as it has already done 3 times this week. If it does the process may take just a teeny bit longer as I would have to negotiate a small matter of 10 flights of stairs on the way up or down. Hmm… I have my fingers crossed that most people will be going on Saturday morning!

The week started out rather eventful, with me nipping back from Nottingham Sunday morning after having been home to visit the Christmas Fayre at Nottingham High School and take the car back with me. This was so that I could be in Bangor for an afternoon of rehearsals starting at 12:00. The concert was pretty good, and just as well seeing as we had 75 grands worth of microphones dotted at every possible location around the stage to the extent that even the tiniest microorganisms floating around probably wouldn’t be missed on the recording.

We went to see Narnia yesterday, and what a brilliant film it was. Although somewhat slow-paced in parts it was a very ‘warming’ film with some excellent animation, one which I’d gladly see again – well worth a watch, especially if you ever read the Narnia books.

I shall leave you with a small gift of a hyperlink as I must now finish some last bits of packing…

P.S. sorry no pictures, but, well, there weren’t any taken.


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  1. Argh, my ears. Make it stop, make it stop!

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