UMWC Christmas Snowdon Scramble/Slide


Although this was the third time up Snowdon for me it was easily the most enjoyable, mainly due to the masses of snow. Having signed up to go with the scrambling group for the day, we set out from Pen-Y-Pass on the Miner’s Track at about 10:00. Before reaching Glaslyn (the upper lake), we veered off left towards Cribau (the east ridge) where we took the opportunity to scramble various sections before reaching the top of the ridge. After making a snowman over lunch (or rather watching it being made whilst doing much more important things such as eating), it started snowing.

We reached the summit, and hazarding a wild guess I’d say there was probably a good 30-40cm (if not more) of snow up here. Some sections were deeper but I expect here the snow had gathered in the wind. What was exceptionally fun was the descent firstly down the Llanberis Path, then branching off onto the Pyg Track and being able to ‘bob-sled’ down it (well without the bob’s or sled’s or whatever).

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day and with all the groups being punctually back, we were able to get straight back to Bangor. Could’ve done without the 2am fire alarm this morning mind!

Left: UMWC’s Snowy Friend | Center: Me at the 1020 (ish) Milestone | Right: Sliding down the Miner’s Track!

To see all 27 photos including lots of snowy ones click on the “Start Slideshow” button to be taken to the appropriate gallery page.


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