161 down, 1339 to go…

As you can see, I’m making progress on my first essay. Tricky stuff seeing as the last time I wrote one must have been June 2004.

From your understanding of management and leadership, comment on the view that:

“Although all managers have to provide leadership, not all leaders provide management.”


On a different note, last weekend was taken up by a first aid course, which was rather fun. The two days of 8 hours consisted of lots of practical scenarios, including a ‘car crash’ in the dark at 17:00 on the Sunday. This was all very well and deserved recognition for an oscar winning performance (according to our trainer), however taking place in the car park on the main halls site received some stunned and downright shocked faces from passing students who didn’t realise it wasn’t for real. Security, however, took it in their leisurely stride and were quoted to have said it was typical for students to be a little lively on a Sunday evening (um, right).

Although the mountains have plenty of snow, it’s simply too warm here in Bangor and as a result we’re still only forecasted rain for the near future. No doubt it will pile up in time for the end of term so no one can leave! I’m still working on this article “Wales prepares for arctic blast” you see.

Meanwhile, if you’re bored, take some time out to play with the BIG red button


2 Responses to “*Yawn*”

  1. 1 Marie Hecht

    After your experience in Austria of what snow can really be like – you must find all this somewhat amusing!!

  2. 2 Marie Hecht

    and as for the big red button –grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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