Good News

It’s been sunny (albeit cold too) for the last week almost and the forecast for the next 5 days is equally promising. Looks like I won’t get to test the new walking boots out in the rain just yet.

Not So Good News

No reading week! Well, I didn’t expect one for Informatics, but with me doing Business Studies too as the minor subject, I have been set reading from them, well for one module anyway *groan*.


I realised yesterday that I’d not mentioned anything about my trip to Betws-y-Coed last week. I should most importantly point out that if you are in sort of a rush, don’t use Arriva public transport here in Bangor. You’d expect a bus to take some detours but to take 45 minutes to travel from Bangor to Bethesda really did take the biscuit (3 or so miles in a car). The bus very nearly got to Bethesda but then embarked upon a harrowing roller-coaster-ride through all the narrow single-lane backstreets of the most distant villages. Pointless, it seems, as I was the only one who got on the bus in Bangor and was still the only person on the bus upon arrival in Bethesda (we’d detoured so far we came in from the opposite side of Bethesda!).

The journey from Bethesda to Betws-y-Coed was of course more direct, as there aren’t that many places to go off the A5, however the bus driver must have been about 70, kept pulling faces at no one in particular, and preceded to smoke throughout. The procedure was repeated on the return journey. It doesn’t help that during the Winter there is no direct bus there and back, I may try again sometime in the summer!


2 Responses to “Update”

  1. Reading week? Pah. Us language students (them what are doing a course in reading – that’s reading the gerund, not Reading the city) in Durham have to get by without one of these so called “reading weeks”. Durham simply doesn’t do them. Reading weeks are for reading lightweights.

  2. 2 Marie Hecht

    I had to laugh at this one!! Hope you used the time for READING!

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