UMWC Snowdon Night Hike


What better way to spend your Saturday Night, (well, evening anyway) other than to climb Snowdon… mad, yes. At 18:15, Saturday night, 14 of us set out in a minibus to Pen Y Pass, where we would start our ascent on the Pyg Track. As many walking-enthusiast will know, the Pyg Track isn’t exactly a walk in the park, especially the ‘second half’ where a few short scrambles need to be negotiated in order to keep on target for top (or did we just keep missing the path?). It hadn’t really stopped raining on us (heavily), and upon nearing the top ridge, it started to turn into sleet (well, snow apparently :p).

SMACK! no one need to notify us we’d reached the top ridge, as the winds increased ten-fold, and the hail hit us like shardes of glass. I thought Tryfan was bad last week, but the winds up here were possibly even worse, especially as we tried not to slip up to the trig-point on the rather icy rocks. Although a lot was most likely down to wind chill acting on the previously wet ground, there was a noticeable amount of snow on either side of the path for this time of year (sorry no photos but my hands may well have got attached to the camera if I had tried).

After having nearly been blown off the trig-point plateau, we skidded down to the back of the Cafe for some shelter and bite to eat before heading back towards the mile-stone, some of us making an extra detour onto the roof of the Cafe (!) [not me]. The wind was now full-on against us and coupled with the hail biting at our faces, we were glad to drop down onto the Miner’s Track, where the temperature must have pretty much instantly risen by 10 degrees, a welcoming factor for those whose previously wet items had frozen in the wind at the top (gloves for example).

The descent went relatively quickly although it was just as wet as the ascent. It was bizzare to look back at lights of others in the group bobbing up and down as they came down. There was a distinct smell of wet-dog on the minibus on the way back, but we were very kindly dropped off right on site. A warm shower and a long night’s rest was very welcome!

Well here’s the proof – most of the pictures came out alright…

More photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery

Next week – Night Scramble up Tryfan (North Ridge)… maybe…


2 Responses to “UMWC Snowdon Night Hike”

  1. 1 Marie Hecht

    Some folks have weird ideas about how to enjoy themselves on a Saturday night –
    Still, “It takes all kind to make a world” – or so they say!!

  2. 2 Dieter

    Imagine a warm autumn day, with blue skies and great visibility – even I could be persueded to climb up up Snowdon, rather than taking the furnicular. But why climbing up there, if you can’t see anything? And then in this kind of weather! You might as well have a cold shower in full mountain gear and turn off the bathroom light. – Nichts für ungut, glad you ‘enjoyed’ the challenge.

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