UMWC Tryfan


On Saturday I woke up to blue skies and sunshine, however, 1 hour later it was already raining and looking very grey. This didn’t stop me from packing my rucksack and putting on my old walking boots which I knew were going to get wet. The forecast was to be “a bright start with some heavier rain in the afternoon”. It also mentioned that the wind should be between 25 and 35mph throughout the day. Pah! During the day two groups (easy and medium) had to turn back due to the increasingly stong (and not as advertised – 35mph) winds and torrential rain.

The photos don’t do it justice (especially having been edited substantially) but we were soaked by the end of the day. The wind was so bad that at the top we were having to crawl around to avoid being blown off the mountain and the south ridge was therefore negotiated very carefully. I’ve never seen it so bad on any summit before.

Next week – Snowdon Night Hike!

More photos can be seen on my Photo Gallery


3 Responses to “UMWC Tryfan”

  1. 1 Marie Hecht

    Looks like an ‘interesting’ hike – more like a climb!
    Remember Bethan’s warnings about Snowdon! Especially at night! Presumably, you won’t be scrambling and balancing in the dark? Can’t say I feel any pangs of jealousy!!

  2. 2 Dieter

    Some of the photos make me shiver. Seems as if ropes might have been appropriate or a parachute. Scary!!!

  3. 3 Ben

    Hi Tom, good to see that the weather is just as bad in the NW as it has been in the Lakes. Nevertheless Old man of Coniston, Helvelyn and Blencathra were all climbed in the rain.

    See you soon,

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