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First things first, WHSmith are doing an excellent promotion at the moment which involves chocolate! Buy a magazine or just a newspaper, and get a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for ยฃ1.50. Ok, well I think it’s great anyway. Moving on…

I did an Aptitude Test on Thursday, which cunningly confirmed that I would be best suited to jobs such as “Project Manager”, “Computer Analyst”, and “Systems Designer” amoungst others, which at least confirms I’m doing the right course and ultimately following the correct career path I guess. Apparently I wouldn’t be very good at being a Librarian, hmm.

Climbing on Wednesday evening was tiring but fun at the Beacon Climbing Centre, followed by a game of squash on Thursday afternoon, and a ruined lie-in this morning (fire alarm), I’m quite shattered. Havign said that I’m off climbing again this evening and walking/scrambling up Tryfan tomorrow, followed by bonfire night party, so I guess I won’t see much of Sunday!

Having blogged about getting new walking boots, I must now re-blog and say that as they don’t fit me after all (could’ve sworn they did), I’ll have to take them back and hopefully swap them for a better suited pair. Annoying or what, especially since there’s only one bus in the morning and one in the afternoon from Bangor to Betws-y-Coed on Sunday’s (when I would be going).

On another note, I rang Virgin Trains to find they’ve switched to a voice activated switchboard system. This proved to be a lot of fun but not a great deal of help, as I was using Skype with the computer speakers. I can only presume the computerised woman was therefore getting confused by her own voice in an echo effect, as I was put through to the restaurant locator when I asked to enquire about a booking (?)… “The restaurant is located on level 2” [!] What restaurant this was, I never found out.

Otherwise the week has sailed by. I’ll probably blog again on Sunday with some photos of tomorrow’s walk and bonfire, so keep looking.


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