Um, the scout website is looking pretty overloaded…

In other news, I have an accounting test tomorrow (eek) which should be fun (?). Mind you, the lecturer couldn’t have given us more help without positively doing the test for us – we know exactly what will come up tomorrow, all he’s doing is swapping a few numbers around.

Some lecturers aren’t that helpful though, a 17:00-18:00 lecture is not exactly convenient at the best of times, but today took the mick. The guy waited until everyone was sat down and then announced that the lecture was cancelled *splutter*. Anyone else would have sent an e-mail in advance.


One Response to “Oops”

  1. 1 Dieter

    Hallo Thomas, viele Gruesse von uns allen (Opa, Oma, Dirk und Gerlinde). Wir sind gerade in Baiersbronn in der Touristeninformation und haben uns deine Bilder angeschaut. Heute regnet es hier und wir machen einen Einkaufsbummel. Viel Glueck bei deinem Test, auch wenn du schon weisst, was drankommen wird. Gruss Pa und Ma!

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