Busy Busy Busy


This week feels as though it should have ended by now, honestly, there’s been so much to do. On Monday I attended a “Scholarship Presentation” followed by a 2 hour orchestra rehearsal. The presentation wasn’t too long and, as an added bonus, I was fed and watered. All scholarship winners had to go up individually and shake hands with Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Merfyn Jones as well as have their photo taken with him. I shall try to aquire a photo, however, the camera man was using a film camera (not particularly well either – he had to change film half way through which took ages) so maybe not!

The weather is being very consistent this week as I said in my last post. Below is a particularly helpful weather warning…

On a technical note, apologies for those using IE to view this blog, the light green text was not intended, but then again does not appear in any other browsers (even on Windows). I will have a play with the stylesheets.

Things to look forward to…
– Fireworks!
– Mock Aptitude Test (the student union is doing these for free)
– BMC are coming to Bangor to do a talk on essentials for winter mountaineering
– Better Weather? (coldest winter for years is looming – roll on the snow!)
– Clocks going back [Kindly corrected by Dafyd]

Things not to look forward to…
– All these assignments/tests etc.
– Clocks going back


4 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. Umm… clocks going back is a Good Thing. You get an extra hour in bed. It’s when they jump forward that you lose an hour, which is, of course, a Bad Thing.

  2. 2 carola

    I was beginning to wonder: you seem to be having a busy and interesting time, but you had not mentioned actual academic work before (although posting the timetable could have been an indication of intent)…good to see you are having a great time!

  3. True, but I was more concerned about it getting darker earlier. I’ve broken TypeKey login again…

  4. Typekey works for me – it lets me login and post, anyway…

    If it’s holding comments for moderation, check the settings in “Feedback” – it should let you automatically post registered commenters…

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