The Weekend


Ok, just a general update, firstly to apologize for the lack of pictures for this week’s walk, for which I woke up half an hour after it had started. Pity, the weather wasn’t bad either, however, I’ve just realised now on Sunday evening that I’m still doing various things I would never have got round to even seeing if I had gone walkies. I have been able to post a few photos which I took on Saturday whilst in my room just to make the post a little more colourful and to show off those lovely sunsets/skies again πŸ™‚

[See the photos here]

Today I woke up starving and was just about to make myself some breakfast when the fire alarm went off meaning that I had to starve longer! At least I wasn’t out in a dressing gown/pjamas like some rather embarrased looking people this morning. I went shopping at midday with a shopping list of a mere 5 items, and came back with, um, 15 (my excuse is there were too many special offers which means I won’t need to buy as much next week!). Out of those 15 items, only 3 of the original 5 were included as I ran out of space in my shopping basket (purposefully picked to prevent me from purchasing a profusion of products [hehe, alliteration]!).

I spent most of the day investigating some issues with my hard drive, which turn out to be quite bad, as I can now expect it to fail on me anytime in the near future. Having just purchased a bargain 100GB hard drive off eBay to replace the 40GB one, I now have to worry about how to install the dam thing when it gets here as I have no intention of paying someone else to do it. For those that are interested these simple instructions (2.4MB pdf) should allow me to install it in “under an hour” apparently, I just hope I have appropriate tools to hand. I’m currently backing up daily.


I picked up a free copy of “The Week” today and found a few interesting items (courtesy of The Independent and Daily Telegraph) which I thought I might share on my blog…

Hotline to Heaven
“As I recall, the late Pope condemned the invasion of Iraq. Perhaps the president has a hotter line to heaven”.

The Human Cost
“The new boss of British Airways referring to his staff as ‘one aspect of the cost base’ is almost complimentary. I once heard a fairly sneior budget airline pilot refer to his passengers as ‘self-loading cargo'”.

Irresponsible Filmstars
“I have reviewed many hours of high-grossing films from Hollywood and am sorry to report that there is not one single instance of people locking their cars when they get out of them. They just slam the doors and walk away! This kind of irresponsible behaviour can only give a poor example to yong viewers who have active motoring lives.”


Pics of the week…

Air Santas! [Dafyd pointed this one out]

Steve: “I’m afraid we’re having to cut down on hard drive space in order to sell these things”
[Dafyd also pointed this one out]

Apple’s Newest – a software photo booth! [Image courtesy of Apple]


One Response to “The Weekend”

  1. 1 Marie Hecht

    How long did you take sorting out that ppppppppp….sentence? Glad to see the struggles of your English Teachers were not in vain – you have a lovely ‘turn of phrase’.
    I guess we’ll all be getting a sunset calendar for Christmas this year?

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