New iMac and Front Row


Wow, what an announcement, I don’t think any rumour site got wind of this incredible Media Center rival. It’s Media Center (ish) done the Apple way, and I know which I prefer, ok it may not have all the tv recording facilities that MS includes with the high-end version of their somewhat cluttered interface, however, I believe that t.v. and iLife/The Digital Hub should be kept separate. Like Steve Jobs, I believe that the t.v. should still be kept separate and be somewhere different to go and chillout. Who knows, Apple may have an iLounge device up their sleeves for next Wednesday (dream on)… but even this would be a separate system, not integrated into a desktop computer.

What an incredible machine, aesthetically appealing and oh so practical! [ Image courtesy of Apple ]

What’s Hot:
– Front Row
– Integrated iSight (and Photo Booth!)
– One integrated package – (remote etc.)
– Includes Mighty Mouse
– Thinner
– Better specs
– Video out
Not so hot:
– “Front Row” not available as a standalone app (yet!)
– “Photo Booth” not available separately
– Mighty Mouse is not yet wireless

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