New iPod


Just how awesome is the new iPod/iTunes, ok, it’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff, however, the video functionality has been implemented well. The doors are now open to other content providers to allow their video material to be sold through the iTunes Music Store (I wonder if it will stay under that name – perhaps “iTunes Media Store” may be more suitable?). Anyhow, my favourite new use for the iPod has to be the pixar shorts that can be viewed on it, after purchase from the iTMS for £1.89 (this isn’t incredibly fair as it’s $1.99 the other side of the Atlantic – last time I checked $1.99 was £1.14)!

I could be entertained by “For The Birds” all day long! [ Image courtesy of Apple ]

What’s Hot:
– Massive 2.5 inch LCD
– Up to 20 hours battery
– 45% thinner than 1G iPods
– Comes with case (I’m sure Steve said so?)
– Free laser engraving
– Video out
Not so hot:
– Comes in black too (*cringe*)
– Doesn’t come with Dock

The current iPod family of the Video/iPod, Nano, and Shuffle is the best yet! [ Image courtesy of Apple ]


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