Simulated Fire And Rescue Situation


This got posted under the door today, talk about short-notice…

12 October 2005

To all residents in Bryn Dinas;


As part of the University’s endeavours to ensure student safety we are undertaking a joint exercise with the local fire brigade to test our emergency procedures.

This exercise will last approximately 2-3 hours commencing at 6:30 pm tonight.

The exercise will involve a simulated fire and rescue situation within Bryn Dinas and will require all students to evacuate the building on the operation of the fire alarm. Return to the building will not be possible until the exercise is completed.

CWB staff and Wardens will be on hand to assist the orderly evacuation of occupants and will direct students to an emergency coordination centre.

CWB apologises for any inconvenience caused but your cooperation during this important safety event would be appreciated.

Sounds interesting… it’s a good job I have prior engagements like eating for instance! Apparently they’re going to check if they can rescue people from the top floors – incredibly reassuring.


3 Responses to “Simulated Fire And Rescue Situation”

  1. When I was living in the Castle Keep last year, we were told that there was no way that we could all get out in the event of a fire. The fastest time I saw for a fire alarm was 15 minutes to clear the Keep. Kinda worrying… but hey, we lived in a castle!

  2. 2 dd

    Huh, so not fair! At “The Wood” we were given no warning at all of fire drills, and were told that the whole college had to be at the assembly points within 3-4 minutes of the alarm sounding. This was never managed, so we did it over and over again…always at sometime between 0000 and 0300. Then there were fools who set off the alarms at stupid times in the morning making toast…but that’s another story.

    It almost makes you glad that you’re living out this year!


  3. 3 Marie Hecht

    Well – did they manage to rescue the people from the upper floors? No doubt you kept out of the way until it was over? Sounds as if it could have been fun – climbing out of your little window aginst the force of the gale and driving rain in order to get onto a ladder – or even better – jump into one of those blown up matress things with a cross in the middle!! I reckon you missed out on an adventure!!

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