The Suspense Is Killing…


Only 22 hours to go… as one analyst quite sensibly stated; “It’s not worth speculating about”, and he’s probably quite right. Although I did briefly note my own ideas, they’re probably far from accurate. Here’s a list of ideas flying around the rumour/news sites…

Apple Insider

– “Madonna iPod” alongside 5G iPods
– iPod Video and new mac configurations (esp. “pro” machines)
– Airport Express like product for video (or just module to attach iPod to ext. display)

Mac Rumors

– “Two New iPods, Four New Mac Configurations” cunningly repeating what Think Secret first posted
– “New iPod Next Week? But No Video iPod?” – up to 80GB
– Power Mac and PowerBook updates
– “Airport Express With Wideo”

Macworld UK

– New Power Macs and Mac minis (“final pre-intel hardware boost”)
– A “Video Device”

Think Secret

– “Apple event to usher in new Power Macs, PowerBooks” (5/10/05)
– Theory that Apple will not detract attention from iPod Nano – therefore no new iPods (5/10/05)
– “A lesser update to the full-size iPod” – 80GB, possibly different colours, thinner. (6/10/05)
– Two new iPod configs each in 2 different colours / Four new mac configs (9/10/05)

and finally my favourite from not-so-rumour site MacDailyNews

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


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