UMWC Carneddau Day Trip


Firstly I hope you can prounounce Carneddau? (Car-neth-eye). I’m getting better with Welsh names, however due to my very packed timetable it doesn’t look as though I’ll be able to learn it this year. I’ll stick with my “Get by in Welsh” book! Anyhow, the second UMWC (University Mountain Walking Club) trip was to the Glyders and Carneth Carneddau, where the easy, medium and hard groups were to go different directions. Whilst we started off northwards up to the Carneddau, the other groups made for the Devil’s Kitchen up towards Glyder Fawr. The weather was not at all like the forecast, but to our advantage, meaning that we didn’t really get wet throughout the day, although there was a chilling wind on Carneddau Dafydd whilst we were walking in a cloud.

After a scramble up to Pen yr Ole Wen, we stopped for a bite to eat and admired the lovely scenery over towards Tryfan before making our way up to the summit. As we had plenty of time, we played around on some bouldering rocks, and did some stunt climbing photos (a.k.a turning the camera through 90 degress).

The Squeeze

Once we were back at Ogwen, most of us briefly made use of the snack shop before attempting “The Squeeze”. This was basically like a short pothole from one end of a crag to another inbetween two slabs of rock which made up said crag (if that didn’t make sense just look at the photos). Only two managed to do it, and they were both very slim. I gave it a go, but like many of the others discovered it got narrower until I simply didn’t fit through any more! Apparently we’re going back there again sometime… :-s

Photos can be viewed here


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