“One More Thing…”


“One More Thing…” is a phrase I have come to associate with the buzz and hype experienced towards the end of Steve Jobs’ keynote speeches. Teasing the crowds with that phrase, Jobs has them literally drooling, as he reveals his biggest (and normally surprise) new product of the day.

The invite to the special event to be hosted on Wednesday 12 October at 10:00 PT in California, is playfully secretive. One thing is for certain, namely that it will be a big announcement, however what it is to be announced can only be speculated upon. I’m not sure the background is simply saying “come to our show”. It may be hinting towards another iTMS like app but for movies, or something more general to do with film. With the latter as the only possible exception, I expect it will be a solely hardware based announcement.

Here comes a long wait…


3 Responses to ““One More Thing…””

  1. I’m betting on an update to the PowerMac – the G5 is *so* 2003. Perhaps something aimed more squarely at the professional market than the iMac – proMac, or the like? (actually, not proMac – sounds too like prozac – and antidepressents are not the best connotation for an easy-to-use powerful computer)

  2. Hmm, maybe. Hazarding a guess here… but you’ve just possibly been reading Think Secret again πŸ™‚ They’re often right, but haven’t been incredibly accurate ever since the lawsuit against them from Apple.

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