Short Update


A typical day at the moment means getting up at 07:30, eating breakfast, check e-mail/news etc, 10 minutes walk to lecture at 09:00. Having complained about having 4 mornings with 09:00 lectures, I have now realised the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, especially in maximising my time here. It’s a great incentive to get on with things and not think I can have a lie in (like History students with 4 hours of lecturs a week)!

I apparently make a very good sleeper, as whilst a select few were supposedly making a right racket last night, I had an excellent nights sleep. Waking up at 07:00 I discovered the “party” had ended, having kept most people up throughout the night, and that everyone was actually only just going to bed (yes, at 07:30)! I knew deep sleeping would come in useful sometime.

The timetable I published on here is already out of date as numerous changes/removals have been made, a new one will be published with a module list soon so you can actually make head or tail of what subject modules I’m taking.

Of other interest is our new found method of washing up, namely “air-washing” due to a regular (for this week apparently) lack of water supply (both hot and cold sometimes). The pressure’s there but no liquid, so the taps and showers blow blasts of air at us instead. Amusingly someone always gets caught out when the water comes back on and gets a spray soaking… well, it was my turn today.

Choir and Orchestra are both going well, and are quite fun to attend, I may drop one of the orchestras, as currently I’m dedicating 3 x 2 hour evenings a week to music.


5 Responses to “Short Update”

  1. 1 Marie Hecht

    Well – that certainly gave me a chuckle!! When I think of the times when the whole neighbourhood was wakened up by your ‘wake-up music’ and you slumebered peacefully on……
    I like the idea of air washing……..
    especially the surprise element!

  2. 2 Marie Hecht


  3. From a year’s experience, Tom – trust me, 9 o’clock lectures are not good. The best ones are 3.15 – enough time to prepare after lunch, without having to waste any of your morning (if there is any…) to that tedious concept of “work”, and then enough of your afternoon left to make it worth getting up…

  4. Ok. To put everything into perspective, 9am letures are slightly better than 5.15pm ones (which end at 6.16pm) because everyone in those is tired and looking forward to dinner (can’t believe i just wrote that about college food.) However, Human Geography last year took the 9am Monday slot, and the 5.15pm Tuesday slot. It’s no wonder then that they weren’t our most popular lectures.

    However, it appears this year most of my lectures are at 9am. Oh yay.


  5. 5 dieter

    how do you manage to wake up at 07:00? at home I had to ignite a nuclear device to get you out of bed

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